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SpywareInfo Forum


SpywareInfo Forum registered its own domain in 2008. It was originally the forum attached to the SpywareInfo newsletter site created by Mike Healan in 2001. This site maintained a large mailing list of people who subscribed to Mike's newsletter which was the first major site educating people about problems with malware. Many others just made their way to the main site to read the newsletter each time it was published. The forum was created for people to have a place to join and discuss issues related to malware and it became a hub of many of the developments in the fight against malware. In 2004, some of the criminals who did not appreciate the efforts of Mike and malware fighters in the forum honored SpywareInfo and SpywareInfo Forum with a concerted and sustained DDoS which forced them to move to a different host. Unfortunately, when this happened SpywareInfo Forum lost its member database and everyone had to re-register. That is why you will not see any members listed as having joined before May, 2004. Sadly, Mike disappeared in 2006 and the domain was lost in 2008. However, SpywareInfo still exists. Its content is historically preserved by SpywareInfo Forum on its main page. Today, the forum is run by Budfred and Rocket Grannie.